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There are many possible definitions of Resilience. A very good one that is often applicable is the ability to adapt well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, or stress. There can be issues with family, personal relationships, health problems, workplace or financial stressors. As humans we all have times that require some resilience to weather the painful parts of life.

Several months back while having a discussion with a good friend she used a couple words which described some aspects of some personal issues she was dealing with. She said it was complicated and disheartening.

I as a mere human like all of us have times in life when I have the need to employ some Resilience. Some time after the above mentioned conversation with my friend I too had to deal with some significant changes in my life. I had spent many years in traditional medicine working with thousands of people doing the best I could to help them. I helped them one person and one day at a time. It was time to open a new chapter in my life.Though I was excited about the possibilities of the future, and  personally decided to do so, it was very hard letting go of the past. The relationships were not easy to leave.

No one gets through life without regrets, pain, mistakes, and failed attempts. Again, we are all human.

Many times over several months I could hear my friends voice say those two words in my mind. They reverberated in my brain as I wondered about the future and slowly let go of the past which was so much more than what I did, it was who I was. My emotions and behaviors at times I would put in the complicated and disheartening categories as this process played out. No one gets through life without regrets, pain, mistakes, and failed attempts. Again, we are all human.

Thankfully by using the techniques I have learned and taught to so many I have over time processed the changes and am looking very much forward to the future.  The possibilities are limitless.  We will help clients not only  to become the optimal self they desire but also to help them weather thechallenges of life that we all will encounter. Given my love of analogies I would say we help you get to all the mountain peaks of life you desire to scale. We will also help you weather all the deep caverns and crevices in the valley of life that you will encounter. Again you will almost surely visit the valley of life as in the end we are all just human.

We look forward to working with you and anyone you know who desires to maximize the best parts of life and minimize the painful parts of life to whatever degree possible.

May you live one day and one moment at a time!

Wishing you vast Resilience,

Dr. B

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