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Get to know our founder, Physician and Wellness Coach, Dr. Dwight Bryan.

CredentialsDr B stairs

  • Graduated A.T Still University Medical School 1983
  • Attended Medical School with a U.S. Navy Scholarship
  • Post graduate training Parkview Hospital Toledo, Ohio
  • U.S. Navy Physician with the rank of Lieutenant 1984-1988
  • Attached to the First Marine Division 1984-1986
  • Medical Director of 140 Physician Medical group for Mercy Health Partners in Toledo 1995-2000
  • Physician Executive MBA from University of Tennessee 1998
  • Board Certified Family Physician for the 1980’s to 2021

My Personal Journey

I grew up as a typical young American from a family of simple means. After the early loss of my father and watching my mother work hard to keep us afloat I resolved at a young age to provide my family with my perception of a better life. After graduating from college I was accepted to Medical school which was my dream. Medical School was 24 hours per day as was postgraduate training. I attended Medical School on a United States Navy Scholarship and served as a Navy Physician for four years.

After military service I returned to private medicine to build a career. I quickly became a multitasking, overachieving workaholic. The life of a Family Physician was 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I also ate the typical American diet and did little or no exercise. I was managing and providing care in a solo practice office as well as hospital care. I was oblivious to the cost of this work pace to my family and myself.

By 2008 my weight was about 350 pounds and I had multiple issues including Diabetes with A1C level of 10.5 on medication! Normal A1C is less than 5.7. The final straw was I developed Bilateral Massive Pulmonary Emboli. By luck and the Grace of God I survived.

"I was determined to change my life before the inevitable happened."

I studied extensively all the scientific information available on what Lifestyle decisions contribute to one’s Health and Well-Being. My focus was on evidence based self care techniques in the areas of Physical Activity, Nutritional Science, and the Brain and Mind. I looked at their contribution to both good Health and Well-Being as well as possible contributions to Chronic Disease and poor Health when poor decisions were made.

I began to use these findings in my own life. I also did professional Wellness training programs with:

  • The Wellness Institute of the Cleveland Clinic under Mike Roizen MD 
  • The Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine affiliated with Harvard Medical School and founded by Harvard Cardiologist Herbert Benson MD 
  • The Center for Mind Body Medicine, Founded by James Gordon MD

drb profileFor many years now my weight has been about the 200 mark. I’ve had no need to take medication for diabetes for years. My most recent blood A1C test was 4.9. I now enjoy life more than anytime I can remember. I’m eternally grateful. My goal is to help as many people as I can with whatever time on earth I’m blessed with. The only way to live is in the current day. One day and one moment at a time, day after day. We need to savor the little things. I have been Blessed with the opportunity to work with thousands and thousands of people over the years. I have always felt that I received more from each of those interactions than they ever could.

I’m very excited to work in this setting where we can coach, mentor, and consult with individuals or groups as we teach them evidence based self care techniques. One day at a time, as they cultivate their new skills it slowly becomes more than what they do. It truly becomes who they are. It transforms their lives in ways they never imagined as it did for me.

Dr. B.

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